Ashwin Gupta

Head of Growth, Wingify I solve cross-functional business problems at VWO. Currently working on improving retention at VWO.

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Ashwin is a product and growth expert with vast experience in creating successful products from the ground up and solving tough cross-functional business problems. At VWO, Ashwin started his journey building new products for the business. He successfully launched Convertfly, a Messenger Marketing Platform, that was later merged into VWO Engage. Right now, Ashwin leads Growth at VWO where he works cross-functionally to optimize the post-sales process and have a strong impact on revenue churn. He also plays a key role in optimizing VWO's product processes. He has just recently revamped AB Testing Reports within VWO, having a 2x increase in its customer satisfaction score. Outside VWO, Ashwin is really into wrestling and can talk endlessly about any wrestling promotion that you can think of under the sun.under the sun.

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Build Customer-Centric Products By Getting The Business Case Right And Optimizing The Metrics That Matter

July 23, 2019, 06:00 PM
Ashwin Gupta