David Rostan

Co-Founder, Stonly I've led teams to grow product led companies like Stonly (cofounder), Calendly (head of marketing & sales) & Dashlane (head of product marketing)

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As the head of revenue at Stonly, I help our customers drive product adoption and success using Stonly's platform and also drawing on my own experience testing and improving onboarding and growth at product led companies. As a Stonly cofounder, it's fun and rewarding to apply those same lessons to build our own world-class product led business. 

I am passionate about using customer intent as a central theme for better user onboarding, product marketing, customer marketing, support, and sales. I am also a big believer in using all of those functional areas - and more - across the business to create growth and success.

Prior to joining Stonly, I ran sales and marketing for Calendly and was the head of organic and product marketing at Dashlane, and before that, I tried my hand at entrepreneurship and fortune 500 companies.

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How to use customer intent to build product onboarding that scales

January 28, 2021, 08:00 AM
David Rostan