Eduardo Esparza

CEO, Market 8 CEO and Founder at Market 8-SaaS Growth Optimization, CODE8 Founder, BusinessModelMetrics Founder - Angel Investor.

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CEO and Founder at Market 8, helping B2B SAAS companies sell more software by optimizing their entire funnel from lead capture to renewals.

First, we help you get a better understanding of your customers and create a message that clearly explains how your software helps them.

Second, we make sure that you have all of the right measurements in place and gain valuable insights from analytics data to inform all of your marketing decisions.

Third, we help turn your website into your best salesperson by putting in place an agile continuous optimization process to maximize brand fit and capture of quality leads.

Fourth, we extend this optimization and testing process to the rest of the SAAS funnel through the consideration, evaluation, activation, and all the way to renewals and referrals.

We dive deep to learn all about your market, your SAAS product, your business and your customers before prescribing anything. Our approach is to base all decisions on your real data, not assumptions. It is this data-driven/customer-centric approach, expertise, and intimate focus on a few clients at a time that’s secret to our client’s success in achieving measurable and improvable growth with Market 8.

Under my direction, Market 8 has generated 50+million in additional sales annually for our clients.

About me: I have a very eclectic background: Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering Masters graduate, turned manufacturing plant & distribution engineer, turned business management consultant, turned financier, turned M&A analyst, turned entrepreneur, turned CMO, turned UX / CRO expert and angel investor.

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