Imran Sheikh

Director of Product, ShareThis Inc Experienced (11 yrs) product director with entrepreneurial skills. Leading teams and driving product growth. Turns product vision into reality aligning with a clear strategy, time to revenue and execution. Passionate about mentoring and fostering talent with mission and purpose.

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15 years experience in product management (design & development). Founded his first company at 19, built enterprise SaaS products serving Fortune 500 companies with $MM+ revenue and previously, startup co-founder of mobile consumer app with 6 million users/month and worked with Warner Music, RocNation, Spinnin Record and Sony.

Key Traits: Zero to one PDLC, scaling existing business, driving product innovation, mentor PMs and problem solver.

Active mentor at Plato in regards to career advancement and entrepreneurship. Accredited-angel investor.

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Importance for Product Revenue

July 29, 2020, 02:00 PM
Imran Sheikh