Jim Szafranski

Chief Operating Officer, Prezi

About this speaker

Jim is currently the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board at Prezi, Inc.

At Prezi, Jim leads company strategy, business development, data analytics plus marketing, sales and customer operations. Jim also led finance at Prezi prior to recruiting a CFO. Jim has helped build Prezi into a 100M+ strong user community that has created the world's largest publicly available database of educational and professional presentations.

Since earning his engineering and business degrees from MIT and Stanford, Jim has built his career around helping users and communities adopt new technologies across internet, mobile, security, and productivity markets. Jim is passionate about creating innovative user experiences and companion business models and frequently speaks at technology conferences on this topic.

Prior to Prezi, Jim was SVP of product management, customer acquisition and success at Fiberlink (acquired by IBM) where he helped build the company’s industry-leading mobile enterprise cloud platform.

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Organizing and Instrumenting a Product-led Growth Strategy

July 22, 2019, 05:00 PM
Jim Szafranski