Josy Gonçalves

User Researcher, Resultados Digitais Implementation Specialist for 4 years with vast experience and know-how on Onboarding and User Experience.

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After working for almost 5 years leading Implementation Projects at RD Station, a hiper-growth SaaS in Latin America, I moved from CS to Product. My role is help the Product Led Growth team by using my know-how towards Onboarding and User Experience, and also by leading the interviews as the User Researcher at PLG so we can build an outstanding self-service Onboarding at our product during trial. Making the long story short, my role is to figure out a way where our new users can get to AHA! moment and reach their first outcomes from our product while they still in trial.

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User Research

January 20, 2020, 11:00 AM
Monica Melo Josy Gonçalves