Krish Subramanian

Co-Founder & CEO, Chargebee Building Chargebee, a subscription management platform, and in the process, serving and learning from some incredibly thoughtful, creative, and ambitious SaaS teams.

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Hey there, I'm Krish and I am the co-founder and CEO at Chargebee. Since 2011, we've been hard at work, fighting the spaghetti billing menace, something that pervades (and adversely affects) most recurring revenue conversations. And, in so doing, we've built a fine team and have had an opportunity to scale with and learn from, some truly great SaaS businesses.

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Blurbs Aren't Enough. You ought to read the book: An honest, first-time-founder take on measuring what really matters in SaaS

January 22, 2020, 02:00 PM
Krish Subramanian