Megan Murphy

VP of Product, Hotjar Megan is the VP of Product at Hotjar. In previous lives, she built products at Skyscanner, N26, Microsoft, and a few early-stage startups.

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Megan is currently the VP of product at Hotjar, where she leads its design, data, and product teams. She has lived and led product teams in San Francisco, Brazil, Spain, and in fully distributed environments on a mix of B2C and B2B products at Skyscanner, Microsoft, N26, and a few early-stage startups. 

Megan has earned her stripes in product-led growth in a range of contexts - from validating early demand through prototypes at a Series-A startup in pursuit of its first 100 customers, to experimenting at scale on 100million MAU products. And likewise on the qualitative side - she has designed and run complex, multi-lingual user research studies spanning 4 continents, and today you'll still find her as scrappy as ever, reaching out to target customers on LinkedIn so she can personally understand their workflows and biggest sources of frustration (what she calls "the scraps on the floor that we can pick up"). 

One of the most challenging aspects of Megan's transition from Product Manager to Product Leader was the ability to find and relate to modern examples of real-world, foundational product work (think Product Principles, lightweight quarterly planning processes, concrete approaches to vision and strategy, etc.). In recognition of this whitespace, Megan is now open-sourcing much of her work at Hotjar to make it easier for other Product Leaders to equip their teams with the artifacts they need to move fast and stay aligned. This motivation is what inspired Megan to share her approach to quarterly planning at this year's ProductLed Summit.

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Clear, lightweight product planning to help teams move fast & stay aligned

January 28, 2021, 08:00 AM
Megan Murphy