Mo Jalil

Co-founder, Metapair Mo is a serial entrepreneur and Goldman Sachs alum whose work has been featured by several globally recognized awards.

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Mo is a serial entrepreneur and Goldman Sachs alumni, with several degrees from Europe top 5 universities. His work has been featured in Forbes, Billboard, Retail Week and Mindshare and has won awards at Cannes Lion. Mo has spent the last decade building technology and teams across Europe, US and Asia and has done talks on AI and ML to several agencies and brands.

Mo started his entrepreneurship journey almost 2 decades ago in the early days of web 2.0. As a naive teenage hacker, he set up and launched his first media startup from his bedroom with hundreds of thousands of users before being subsequently being shut down due to hyper-growth and no funding.

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Supercharge Your Product Growth & Adoption with AI/ML

January 27, 2021, 08:00 AM
Mo Jalil