Nicole Wojno Smith

Chief Marketing Officer, UserIQ Chief Marketing Officer that's passionate about combining a love of marketing, sales, and customer success to drive ROI for organizations through demand generation and customer growth strategies.

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Nicole is a results-oriented digital marketer with experience in developing and executing strategic marketing programs for software companies. Currently, Nicole is the CMO of UserIQ, a platform that helps SaaS companies improve end-user adoption and onboarding to accelerate time-to-value. As CMO, she is responsible for creating programs that align sales and marketing efforts to generate brand awareness, thought leadership, and demand. Nicole is passionate about combining her knowledge of marketing, sales, and customer success to develop innovative strategies that drive ROI. Prior to UserIQ she led the marketing efforts at Dodge Communications (now MERGE Atlanta) where she established the internal marketing department and created an external team focused on providing marketing automation services to the agency's SaaS clients. She is highly adept at aligning marketing with other stakeholders, demand gen, marketing automation and content marketing services.

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How to Personalize your Customer Onboarding to Reduce Churn

July 25, 2019, 04:00 PM
Nicole Wojno Smith