Sarah Bond

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy, Lucky Orange Perpetual student in all things marketing, data and communications. Leader of the Marketing Strategy team at Lucky Orange.

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Hey there. I’m Sarah, and I’m the Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange, a conversion rate optimization platform (think heatmaps, session replays and live chat) loved by people trying to grow their side hustles, UX maestros, Fortune 100 corporate types and anyone responsible for making money through their website. I’m always up for a spirited discussion on just about anything marketing and communications related, but really love product positioning, brand, communications and data-driven marketing. Oh, and true crime podcasts, too.

Those who work for me and with me know I’m an advocate for red-teaming and failing forward. After all, work isn’t much fun if you don’t get the chance to try new things, fail miserably, then hit it out of the park by applying what you learned from your failures.

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Five common mistakes PLG companies make on their websites

July 27, 2020, 02:00 PM
Sarah Bond