Taylor Ryan

CEO, Klint Marketing Taylor Ryan is an American entrepreneur living in Copenhagen, Denmark 6x Startup founder with 13+ years of marketing and start-up

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Taylor is a founder, keynote speaker, angel investor, and advisor to numerous tech startups around Copenhagen, Denmark.

Recently, Taylor was a finalist for Ecosystem Hero of the Year for Denmark (NordicStartupAwards).  Over the last 5 years, Taylor has built and run the marketing departments for some of fastest growing startups in Denmark resulting in 2 acquisitions.

Often described as the “best growth-hacker in Denmark,” Taylor runs workshops and keynotes on subjects ranging from marketing tech stacks to corporate innovation.  

His latest venture is organizing Growth Secrets, a free growth-hacking event series for Copenhagen’s startup community and online training courses. 

Current Roles and Projects Include:  CEO of ArchitectureQuote.com - Saas Platform for Architects  CEO of KlintMarketing.com - Creative Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Agency  CEO of GrowthSecrets.org - Online Digital Marketing Course Owner of TaylorRyan.io - Public speaker, workshops, and innovation consulting

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January 26, 2021, 08:00 AM
Taylor Ryan