Jean-Yves (JY) Simon

Going beyond CRO: An Inside Look at Today's Product-Led Growth Teams

A Lesson by Jean-Yves (JY) Simon (Senior VP, Product, AB Tasty)

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About this Lesson

Experience Optimization and PLG go way beyond CRO. It's no longer just about adding to the basket. Customer success and experimentation culture are both key components of today's most successful PLG organizations. It's essential to understand how customers are using your product and how different teams contribute to your organization's PLG strategy.

In this lesson, you'll take away:

  • Experience Optimization and PLG goes way beyond CRO
  • Client and server-side technology takes basic CRO concepts to the next level
  • How customer success, in the era of PLG, is becoming more product-focused
  • How successful growth teams are structured

January 26, 2021, 08:00 AM

08:00 AM - 08:30 AM

About The Experts

Jean-Yves (JY) Simon

Jean-Yves (JY) Simon

Senior VP, Product, AB Tasty

Seasoned B2B product leader, experienced in building & scaling outstanding SaaS Martech platforms.