Yes, Cold Emails Still Work at Scale

A Lesson by Nikki Elbaz
Head of Email,

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About this lesson

Sure, we know that inbound leads are better. But sometimes – especially at startup stage – you just need to gain some traction. Outreach is the fastest (and often cheapest) way to get more market share... if you know how to generate results.

Plus: If you're product-led, your cold prospect can explore and purchase without needing to 1. carve out time for a demo; 2. trust that the demo will be instructive, not sales-y; and/or 3. emotionally commit to a solution they're not sure they need. Knock out those 3 friction points and your "ask" is so much easier to consider... and say yes to.

In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • The #1 mistake you've been taught about cold email campaigns – and why it's costing your responses
  • Why you should treat your outreach emails just like any other email campaign and... why you shouldn't treat your outreach emails like any other email campaign
  • How to map out a successful outreach campaign in 4 steps
  • The #1 consideration you need to take when planning your outreach sequence (plus 2 more also-important considerations)
  • How to know if you should include video, incentives, or any other "bells and whistles"
  • PLUS: I'll walk you through a full outreach sequence – to move these principles from theoretical "Sounds good – how do I do it?" to implementable "Got it, off I go to write with confidence!"

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Nikki Elbaz

Nikki Elbaz serves as Head of Email for the Copyhackers Agency, writing emails for companies like Doodle and Sprout Social. Nikki also runs a micro-agency, crafting data-driven emails for SaaS and eComm clients.

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