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David Axler

VP Strategy and Business Development, Wave Apps

Annie Bacher

Copywriter, UX Writing Consultant,

Leon Barnard

Education Team Lead, Balsamiq

Nathan Barry

Founder & CEO, ConvertKit

Justin Bauer

VP of Product at Amplitude, Amplitude

Tyler Bench

Director, Demand Generation, Lucidchart

Eden Bidani

Founder & Conversion Copywriter, Green Light Copy

Matt Bilotti

Growth/Product, Drift

Sarah Bond

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy, Lucky Orange

Francois Bondiguel

Head of Growth, Deputy

Liam Boogar-Azoulay

Director of Brand Marketing, 360Learning

Stephanie Bowker

Head of Marketing, Spendesk

Matthew Brandt

Full-Stack Analyst, NZZ

Rob Brazer

Sr. Product Manager, Pendo

Patrick Campbell

Co-Founder & CEO, ProfitWell

Michael Ciulla

Founder, Predictable Demand, LLC

Jacqueline Cook

Chief Strategy Officer, Vendasta

Brian Crofts

Chief Product Officer, Pendo

Sophia Dagnon

Founder, Unmassmarket

David Darmanin

CEO, HotJar

Milene Darnis

Product Manager, Heap

Moritz Dausinger

CEO & Founder, Refiner

Rahul Dighe

Lead Product Manager (API/SDK), PayPal

Sarah Din

Director of Product Marketing, SurveyMonkey

Vincent Dollet

Group Product Manager, Zendesk