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Adriana Iordan

VP Product Management & Growth Services, 2Checkout

Christine Itwaru

Director of Product Operations, Pendo

Megha Jain

Digital Marketing Specialist, Fuzia

Kenny Johnston

Director of Product, Ops Products, GitLab Inc.

Donatas Jonikas PhD

Founder, Startup Marketing Advisor, Marketing Algorithms, JSC

Eric Keating

VP Marketing, Appcues

David Kelly

General Manager, Sumo Dojo (SendFox, KingSumo)

Margaret Kelsey

Brand & Content Team Lead, Appcues

Jonathan Kim

Founder, Appcues

Michael Klett

CTO and Co-founder, Chargify

Fatih Koca

Director of Analytics Strategy, Mixpanel

Tanya Koshy

VP of Product, UserTesting

Nikola Kožuljević

Product Manager, Smartlook

Carlos Lara

Product Marketer, Rock Content

Kevan Lee

VP of Marketing, Buffer

Guilherme Lopes

Co-Founder & Head Product Growth, RD Station

Peter Loving

Founder, UserActive

Alexandra Lung

Head of Product, Aircall

Marie Lunney

Senior Marketing Manager - SaaS Product Adoption, WalkMe™

Michael Mace

VP of Market Strategy, UserTesting

Yuliya Malysh

Head of Self Serve business & Growth, Miro

Paresh Mandhyan

Director, Marketing, VWO

Steven Mayernick

Director of Product Marketing, Guru

Kris McKee

Senior Product Manager, Optimizely

Matheus Mello

Growth Product Manager, Productboard